UE Stomatic Etching System

Professional High Quality Etching Systems and Solutions

  • Etching Machines and systems from UEMBOSS for letterpress, flexographic, relief and security printing.
  • In-house development keeps the UE Die-Etching Systems always up to date with the latest etching technology.
  • Our machines and equipment are produced in solid and rugged models, much valued by specialists.
  • UE Etching Systems can be customised to your requirements so you get exactly want you want.
  • uEmboss also offers professional advice and training instructions in every field etching.

UE Etching Systems are produced for processing
Magnesium, Zinc, Copper, Brass and Steel.

UE Stomatic Etching Product Range

UE Etching Machine

For Magnesium & Zinc Etching

Available in: 35L, 45L, 60L, 90L, 120L & 200L.
Stainless Steel Build.

These models can be customised to take into account any special requirements you have.

We also offer Neutralisation systems for waste water containing Nitric Acid and Air Washers for purifying acidic etching vapours.

UE Copper Etching

For Copper Etching

Available in:  45L, 90L & 120L.
PVC Build.

UE Etching Machines for Copper are produced in PVC and Titanium.

It has special bath circulation; paddle speed and variable rotation helps etchings for line and the finest autotype operation (security printing).

A well-set Control Panel which is protected against FeCI3 and enables easy operation of the machine.

UE Developing Unit

Etching Bath

Available in 3 sizes: Bath Volume approx: 18L, 27L and 35L. 
The UE Developing Unit is produced in Stainless Steel.

It simplifies the board development phase without coming into contact with chemicals.

The Development compartments has double-sided water spray which are integrated into this unit.

An efficient extraction system can also be installed.

UE Preparation Basin

For Etching

Available in 2 sizes: Max Plate Size: 50x65cm & ~61x91cm.
The UE Preparation Basins are produced completely in Stainless Steel.

This product includes wooden grids, a pre-etching dish and a top shelf.

The cupboard underneath has plenty of space for chemical consumables.

Production covers all commercially available board sizes.